the white supremacy of “silent piety” (part 2)- rod #Ferguson

the white supremacy of “silent piety” (part 2)- rod #Ferguson

“White Supremacy and Imagining The Crucified God”

**editor’s note: I am indebted to Kelly Figueroa-Ray for this post, and for articulating in our conversations things that I was not able to**

The question raised by Leary in the CaPC piece is “what precisely does the biblical narrative have to say in events of crisis?” Embracing a “third-wayish” tone where “both sides are equally” bad, Leary sets…

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the white supremacy of “silent piety” (part 1)- a guest post #Ferguson

the white supremacy of “silent piety” (part 1)- a guest post #Ferguson

US and THEM: Breaking the silent white piety

Kelly West Figueroa-Ray, M.Div. White United Methodist layperson. Graduate student in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia.

Dear similarly ridiculously privileged people suffering from the guilt of your lot,

Have you ever noticed how often we, white, Christian bloggers, write as if we live in a vacuum?

Building off of David…

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In at 48.

Peter Kirby has been doing a yeoman’s job keeping up with the Bibliobloggers Top 50. In spite of me not having a laptop for two months, myself and the Political Jesus team, we earned 48th place. So, still top 50.

Biblioblog Top 50 Summer 2014

A Miracle? YOu decide!

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On #DontShootDallas: some notes from the ground #Ferguson

On #DontShootDallas: some notes from the ground #Ferguson

On Monday, my friend Gabealerted me to a protest that was being organized via Twitter. I didn’t know what to expect. There weren’t any details about the event except they were going to meet up on Main Street, at a dog park. Oh the subversion! After my experience the previous Thursday, I had a feeling very few people would show up. Was my realism getting the best of my imagination? At first, it…

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Protest & the Liturgy of the Oppressed: on #NMOS14 & #Ferguson

Protest & the Liturgy of the Oppressed: on #NMOS14 & #Ferguson

(the Gospel of Life, Social Death, Racism, and Prison Abolition)

From the first pages of our Founding documents, the laws of this nation were never intended to protect the lives of First Nations and Black/African peoples. Spawned on the very heels of rape culture, genocide, and religious illiberalism, racism is as much as part of the bedrock of the Constitution as is the “Enlightenment”…

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The Geography of Truth

The Geography of Truth

Having graduated from a quite liberal institution of higher learning (Predominantly White Insitution at that!) I’ve been taking inventory on how much exactly I buy of what I’ve been confronted with – to sum up what views tend to characterize those of liberal PWIs…

-Secular humanist, anti-religion (tend to have grown up in Xtian households but then become ashamed to be associated with the historic…

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#BatmanSelfie #Batman75 #BatmanDay #ootd #blerd #nerd #geek #dccomics

#BatmanSelfie #Batman75 #BatmanDay #ootd #blerd #nerd #geek #dccomics